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Massage Therapy

Please plan an additional 30 minutes with your appointment to allow time for consultation and check out. At Roots Spa & Salon your consultation, changing time, and check out time are not deducted from your session. You can expect the duration of your treatment to be the full amount of hands-on time that you are paying for.


Save time by filling out your intake form in advance. If you are scheduling online, you will be prompted to fill out the form when bookng.

Please note:

Julia is not accepting new clients for Intuitive Wellness Massage at this time.

Hailey's schedule is often booked up to three weeks in advance. When scheduling online, please select a day and time in the future that works for you and add yourself to the wait-list for any sooner days that you'd like to be notified of cancellations.


Massage therapists that are members of Respect Massage hold themselves to the highest standards of an ethical, boundary-driven practice. Respect Massage members have a zero-tolerance policy for solicitations of any kind. Jokes, innuendo, and inappropriate requests are taken seriously and will result in the swift termination of the session. When choosing a practice displaying the Respect Massage logo, you can have confidence in the safety and professionalism you will experience as a client.

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