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Credit/Debit card required

Due to an increase in last minute cancellations and no-shows, we will require a working debit/credit card number to schedule any appointments. Gift Certificates, if available, will be charged if no card is on file. A 4% fee will be added to any resulting charge in the event of the following:


If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask to be notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

This allows us time to contact and schedule clients on our waiting list who also requested that appointment time.

We do understand that sometimes life happens and may require cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment.

Cancelling/rescheduling with less than 24 hour notice may result in a fee of

$25 minimum - up to up to 50% the price of your scheduled appointment.

We are an appointment based business and appreciate you for understanding our need to implement this policy.  

If we do not have a card on file, you will be sent an invoice that must be paid before any future appointments can be accepted.

We reserve the right to ask the client to provide a credit card to book future appointments. Gift Certificates will be charged if no card is on file.


 In repeat cases, you may be required to make a deposit of 50% of any service you wish to book in the future. Upon arrival and completion of the service your deposit will go towards the total cost. Should you not arrive or cancel again within 24 hours Roots Spa & Salon will take the deposit as payment for the missed appointment.

No Shows:

No Shows will be charged 50-90% of the service missed. We reserve the right to require a deposit of up to 50% of the cost for future scheduled services. We also reserve the right to ask the client to provide a credit card to book future appointments, if we do not have one on file an invoice will be sent and must be paid before any future appointments can be accepted. Gift Certificates will be charged if no card is on file.

Late Arrivals:

Appointments are made specifically for you and the service you requested. Please give us a courtesy call and be honest about how late you will be. If you arrive late for your appointment your session may be shortened in order to not interfere with the client scheduled after you. If it is not possible to do the service in a shortened time you may be asked to reschedule. (rescheduling due to client tardiness is subject to the Cancellation Policy above) If your technician is running late you will receive a courtesy call from us. If our tardiness will affect your schedule for the rest of the day we can shorten your session, if possible, and you will be discounted accordingly. You will also receive a discount for the inconvenience If you need to reschedule. If it will not disrupt your day we will provide you with the full service time scheduled and plenty of apologies.

Right of Refusal:

 Our service providers reserve the right to refuse service to any client. Never based on race, religious beliefs, gender, etc but potentially based on any clients behavior, failure to respect our policies or boundaries, or poor hygiene. The safety and comfort of both therapist and client are very important. Either can terminate the session at any time if uncomfortable for any reason. Intoxicant Policy: Alcohol and drugs can significantly reduce the benefits of massage, and may even cause harm. Therefore, if you come to a session under the influence, I may refuse to offer my services, and you will be charged for the session.

Sexual Misconduct: The massage practiced at Roots Spa & Salon is therapeutic and is strictly non-sexual/sensual. Inappropriate verbal or non-verbal sexual behavior will result in termination of the session, and full payment will be due. Erections may happen in response to therapeutic massage and your therapist understands this. As long as you do not touch it or ask them to touch it your session will continue as normal. Although the therapist is touching you throughout this service it is not ok for you to touch the therapist during a session in any manner. Handshakes before or after a session are of course acceptable.



Q's & A's

Can I bring my children?

Please do not bring your children unless they are receiving a service or there is someone with you who can keep an eye on them during your treatment. There are hot/sharp tools and breakables that the child could reach and cause harm to themselves. We also offer massages which require a quiet and peaceful environment.


What kind of tip do I leave?

Gratuity may be left at your discretion. Tips are accepted in any form, preferred in cash, but never expected and always appreciated. Should you wish to leave gratuity the amount is entirely up to you, some clients do it by percentage (20-25%) others by dollar amount.


What if I decide I don’t like my hair color/cut ?

Sometimes this happens! Your stylist is a professional and you should always feel comfortable speaking to them about your preferences. If there is time your stylist will change what they can before you leave. If you have already left you must call within two weeks of your initial appointment to get your hair redone. You will not be charged for any redos unless the change you want to make is entirely different than your original request and not in fault of the stylist.


What should I expect for my first massage appointment?

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so you have time to fill out your health intake form before your session. You will only have to do this upon your first visit but if anything changes in your health you should always update your therapist as some conditions are contraindicated for massage. You will be offered a beverage once you arrive and will have time to use the restroom before beginning. Your therapist will lead you to the therapy room where you will discuss what your goals and needs are for the session. When it is time the therapist will leave the room so you may undress. You may undress entirely or partially, based on your comfort level. You will lay on the table, BETWEEN the sheets. During your session the only area of the body that will be exposed is the area the therapist is working on, the rest of the body will be draped properly with the sheets to protect modesty and boundaries. If at any time during the session you would like the therapist to change their speed, depth or avoid a certain area please speak up. It’s your session and we are here for your comfort. Once the massage is over your therapist will leave the room so you may get dressed and return to the front desk to where you can talk to your therapist about your session, reschedule and check out!


Do I have to be completely undressed?

You should undress to the level you are comfortable,o some undress fully, some partially.  The therapist will work around any clothes you left on as best as he/she can. If removing all your clothes makes you too nervous and unable to relax, then you are not getting the optimal benefit from the session. Your massage therapist should give you privacy to undress and get comfortable on the table.


Can I talk during my session?

Of course if you prefer to talk you may.The important thing to remember is that this treatment is all about you relaxing and enjoying the experience. Many therapists discourage talking in hopes that you will relax, let your mind float free and enter a state of massage bliss. In many instances, people may feel more relaxed starting off talking, and as the massage progresses, enter quiet states of relaxation. Your therapist is a professional and will always respect your boundaries, please do the same and avoid getting too personal with any questions you may ask your therapist. Remember that your massage therapist can listen to anything you want to say but is not licensed to give you advice or diagnosis. The important issue here is that there are times when you need to speak up. If the therapist is doing anything to make you uncomfortable, you should let her/him know immediately. Also, let him/her know if you get too warm or too cold, if the room is too bright, or if the pressure needs to be changed (lighter or deeper). If something is not working for you - speak up! It's OK!

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